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May 2014 - Wilderness Survival Camp Out

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What: Wilderness Survival Camp out
Where:  Mr. Vance's Father-in-law Leased land
When: 5/2 - 5/4
Who: Kaleb vance (SPL), Rico Seal(ASPL),
Eagles:  Connor Smith
Raccoons: Shain Spaulding, Lance Spaulding
Frogs: Nathan Do, Ryan Shaefer, Race Vickrey, Beau Kiester, Will Windes, KJ Shelton, Aaron Hunsucker
Adults: Mr. White, Mr. Ashley, Mr. Vance, Young Mr. Vance (Kris), Mr. Windes, Mr. Dodson, Mr. Vickrey, Mr. Seal, Mr. Schaefer, Mr. Smith, Mrs. Do

This year we focused on eating items that you can find in nature, building a shelter, and lighting fires.  We also faced a range of temperatures ranging from low 40's on Friday evening to upper 80's on Sunday afternoon.

This year we had a clear division of older scouts and younger scouts.  This allowed us to pair scouts that need to learn and practice teaching methods with scouts who needed to learn certain skills.  It was scout methodology in action!  

A couple of eggs that were liberated from a nearby nest (carton)
Free range chicken (roosters provided by the Spaulding's that were dispatched and dressed in the field) and wild rice (Minute Rice) with wild (portobello) mushrooms.
Beans with a wild boar ham hock (spiral sliced hamhock left over from Christmas)
Fresh caught catfish (straight from the deep blue seas of Wal-Mart) and Backed root (most likely a russet potato, but who's to know in the wild) and baked apples.
Foraged Strawberries ( I'm sure someone foraged for them) and granola (that just happened to be preformed into crunchy bars).
Squirrel - This was a big hit with a couple of scouts.  They didn't even mind the hair.
Bugs - Not as big a hit with any of the scouts, but ants, grasshoppers, crickets, worms, and scorpions were tried.  They are lucky the dung beetles were ordered through an international shipping company and didn't come in on time.
Opossum?  Not quite.  While we did catch one in the trap set with the left over rooster entrails, we decided not to stoke up the Sunday morning fire to roast the particular marsupial.  He was released and lived to hiss another day.

Each Scout took the Firem'n Chit Oath and read about fire safety in their book.  

3 Fires.  Each scout aspiring to earn his wilderness Merit Badge was required to start a fire in 3 non match/lighter methods.  I believe they all used flint and steel, steel wool and a battery, and a magnifying glass.  Here they also learned about tinder, kindling, and how to arrange them to not loose that essential spark when it lands.  I hope they also learned a little bit about patience. 

Shelter - Each scout was required to build and sleep in a shelter.  They worked in teams.  Again, we were able to leverage the experience of the older scouts to work with the younger scouts.  A lean to, an AFrame, and a couple of "log cabins" were built.  I will say, they were extremely lucky the weather was favorable.
We also had to adults get in on the activities this year, with Mr. Vickrey and Mr. Dodson building a shelter with their poncho's and sleeping directly on the ground.  More power to you guys.  I'll take my hammock any day.

Nature Walk - Mr. White took the scouts on a nature walk. Here several edible and medicinal plants were pointed out, tasted, and 

Rank Advancement - Ryan was able to get several requirements signed off on his second and first class requirements.

Free time - The boys rested when they could.  I hope they learned how taxing it could be to have to survive on your own in the woods.  From shelter to food, it's a very involved process.  A game of tape ball, flat soccer, flat football, and frisbee broke out.  I'm not sure on the rules, but they had to be modified when cow pie tag was incorporated and quickly overruled by that miser of a scoutmaster mr. seal.

A special thanks to Mr. Vance who arranged the location.  To Mr. White and Mr. Ashley who arranged the menu.  To Mr. White who taught and lead the meetings around this merit badge, and to all the parents who continue to support your children in Scouting!

April 2014 - Caving

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Where:  Freedom, OK - Alabaster Caverns
What:  Wild Caving

Notable Notes:
Alabaster Caverns has 4 caves that are open to the public (by permit only) to explore.  Troop 219 was able to tackle 3 of those caves in the time allotted.  We started with a short down and back cave with 1 entrance that was also the exit.  It was here that we saw our first bats and experienced the total darkness that can only be found deep underground.  Next we moved to the longest cave in the system.  This cave has 2-3 exits (if you count something called the greased pig an exit).  This cave was longer, more intense and offered up cave crickets and salamanders in addition to the clusters of bats overhead.  The highlight of this expedition was watching leaders squeeeeeze out of the exit that was surely the greased pig.  Finally, we moved on to Bear cave where we were repeatedly threatened with neck deep water. This turned out to be a bit of an exaggeration as we didn't come across any places that we needed to cross water.  This cave was the Scoutmaster Favorite.  It held several large rooms, some interesting routes and a great view at the exit.  The only issue is, once you exit, it's difficult to decide the best route back to camp.  We are required to be out of the caves by 3, we were out of that cave by 2:20, however, we didn't get back to camp until 3:45.  Luckily, we sent a few scouts on ahead to relay the necessary information while the rest of us made an adventure of trying to find camp.

This was a great camp out that was enjoyed by all.  It offered challenges and new experiences for several of us.  Thanks to the scouts who voted to bring this particular camp out back into the schedule!

-Scoutmaster Seal. 

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