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Meeting Facilitated By Mr. Smith.  Notes recorded by Mrs. Smith:


Meeting Facilitated by Mr. Smith.  Notes as recorded by Mrs. Smith.  

Parent Committee     3-3-14
1. High Adventure ,  West Cliff, Colorado
Leave Sat, July 19, spend night in NM outside Raton, summer camp at San Isabel dropped off Sunday, 
On way home, spend night at Black Kettle, return home Sunday, July 27
Finances will dictate activities for High Adventure
If none to summer camp, can tailor high adventure to age groups
2. Flag routes – some flags replaced:  American flags on longer poles(need to drill holes to complete American flag replacement);
      OU flags on shorter poles.  Looking for good supplier for OU flags because    fading or tattered. Volunteers help with flags welcome.  Bank on 36th wants more flags.  Flags started in 1960’s with Jaycees, taken over by troop 219. 
Have not worked to sell more routes because enough work for families at present. 
3. Finances:    $5500 savings; $2400 checking ($1700 scout accounts)
$8000 invoiced, should  be coming in soon.
4. Next meetings:  cooking, wilderness survival, robotics  
5. March 10  - Court of Honor;  March 3 election night; need to review duties of positions with scouts; have handouts with duties listed, can give to scouts.  Campout this weekend cancelled; will decide Thursday whether or not to go to Chandler for day activity this Saturday.  May reschedule campout for 14th or 21st.    Other option is campout at Vances this weekend, drive to Chandler on Saturday possible.   Decision to be made Thursday.  Wilderness Survival Campout will be 6 month planning – March 7; make sure boys have family/activity schedule in order to get as much participation in campouts as possible.
6. Dress code:  decent pants, class A; class B, less quality pants on campouts allowed.  BSA has full official uniform available for all troop meetings and scouting functions: short sleeve shirt, zipoffs, belt, buckle, cap, epaulets, patches, sashes.  Troop closet maintained to help provide uniforms/exchange sizes.  Scholarship fund possible.  Adult: $107-1  ; youth: $97 -    . Troop 219 has maintained minimal requirements, including closed toed shoes.  No troop neckerchief or bolo at this point.   Adult leadership have shirts.  Have troop cap; could get neckerchief to match.  Need to purchase more troop hats.   Motivation for uniform:  physical chore, food reward
     Motion:  Rein in dress code: class A shirt, tighter on pants, incentive for patrol that does best for certain period of time.  Seconded.  Motion carried.
Mr. Seal to facilitate uniform inspection.
Idea:  Neckwear:  neckerchief/slide or bolo.  Neckwear to be functional.  Look good:  bolo.  Functional: neckerchief.  Individual or troop design.  Suggested:  troop neckerchief/individual slide.  Also,  neckwear obsolete due to supplies carried; neckwear adds something else to keep up with.
      Motion:  Continue not to have boys wear neckwear.  Second.  Passed.
If see boys want neckwear, can take it up at next parent committee meeting. 
7. Equipment/vehicles:
Van alternator/battery replaced by Rick.  Cosmetic damage by blown out tire.  Will buy Michelins rated for van from now on.  Two Yokohamas have blown out.  Next parent committee meeting: discuss setting money aside for projects, possibly new van.  Van and trailer good shape now. Mr Vance stores van/trailer.  Upgraded to new trailer for $200; Mr Vance to get paperwork in order. 
Tents:  two new large, heavy duty tents purchased, used minimally; have heavy zippers.  Plenty of tents now. 
New globes for lanterns purchased; need to buy new mantels.  Two 13 inch cast iron skillets purchased – approximately $20 each.  
8. Commissioner:  Robert Eades, see him at rechartering time only.  Troop functions without his help.
9. Next Parent committee  meeting 60 days.