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Add Scoutlander Reminders to Yahoo Calendar


This article describes how to import calendar events in the .ics file format, into Yahoo! Calendar.

How to recieve a iCalendar (.ics) file

  1. You recieve an event via email.

    1. Click on the link were it states "Add this event to your Outlook calendar Click Here

  2. Log onto Scoutlander and access the Event Calendar

    1. Open up an event. 

    2. Click on the link where it states "Add this event to your Outlook" (Top of Page). 

  3. A file download box will open up. Select the Save option and save the ics file your your computers hard drive. 

Once you have the exported file, you can then import the file into Yahoo! Calendar.

How to import an iCalendar (.ics) file into Yahoo! Calendar:

  1. Sign in to Yahoo! Calendar

  2. Click Calendars tab. 

  3. Select the down arrow next to the calendar you wish to import the event to.

  4. Select Import 

  5. Click Browse. A window will open for you to navigate to the location of .ics file on your computer. 

  6. Navigate to the location of the .ics file on your computer. 

  7. When you have located the file, select it and click Open

  8. Click the Import button.