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Three Things Cub Families Typically Want



Experience has taught us that there are three things that Cub Scout families want most from their son’s pack:

1. Active Fun.  Most parents will not bring their boys to Cub Scouts if they are not having fun. They just won’t, and the boys won't want to attend.  We make sure that the boys in our pack get to do games and other active fun stuff – and outdoors when it's both possible and practical.  ... and safety is always a priority.

2. Well Organized.  Parents like packs in which the activities are well planned and which have good communication between leaders and with scout families.  They want to know that there is a plan for what the pack will be doing and that the plan has been well communicated.  This website, e-mail, phone calls, and clear announcements at meetings all help with communication and organization.

3. Advancements.  Boys should ALL be earning their rank badges as the year progresses, and they should receive recognition for the advancements they have earned.  The parents appreciate this and the boys CERTAINLY appreciate being recognized for their efforts.  There is a clear procedure (which gets carried out) for who in the pack is responsible for recording advancements, for turning in the required paperwork, and for presenting the badges at the appropriate time.

Pack 167 strives to provide all three of these, consistently.
If any parents would like to volunteer to come along beside us and help out in ANY way, it would be most appreciated!

We do expect every family to be involved in some way, actively contributing to the overall success of the program.