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 A Family Program
    Family involvement is essential to Cub Scouting's success. When we talk about "family" in Cub Scouting, we're sensitive to the realities of present-day families. Many Cub Scouts do not come from traditional two-parent homes. Some boys live with a single parent or with other relatives or guardians. Cub Scouting considers a boy's family to be the people with whom he lives.  


Family Activities
As a program for the entire family, Cub Scouting can help families teach their children a wholesome system of values and beliefs while building and strengthening relationships among family members.

Your Role as a Parent
Cub Scouting helps parents and sons grow closer, and your involvement as a parent of a Cub Scout is vital.

Becoming a Leader
Volunteer leaders support Cub Scouting by serving in many roles, and often find great satisfaction in lending their support to youth and the community.

The BSA "Fun For The Family" Award
The BSA "Fun For The Family" Award program offers activities to help strengthen all families—whether two-parent, single-parent, or nontraditional.

The BSA "Fun For The Family" Award program offers activities to help strengthen all families—whether two-parent, single-parent, or nontraditional. This program helps families accomplish worthy goals while building and strengthening relationships among family members. All family members are encouraged to participate and may earn the award.


The BSA Family Activity Book (available at our local council service center at Camp Miakonda, located at 5600 Sylvania Avenue) gives all the requirements as well as step-by-step instructions for earning the BSA Family Award.

To earn the award, a family must complete 10 activities within a 12-month period. The family chooses two activities (out of many ideas for family activity and fun) in each of the following five categories:

  1. Learning Through Fun and Adventure
  2. Strengthening Family Relationships
  3. Developing Personal Strengths
  4. Teaching Responsibility
  5. Handling Difficult Situations

When a family has completed the requirements, all family members are eligible to receive an award certificate, patches for uniform wear, and/or pins for non-uniform wear.


If you might be interested in this family-oriented award we would be VERY interested in hearing from you.  One of our Assistant Cubmasters serves as the primary contact for further information about, or support with, this program.  please contact the Cubmaster and he will direct you from there.  THANK YOU.

Are you aware that the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) is the largest youth organization in the U.S. with nearly 4 million youth members and more than 1.1 million registered adult leaders. These members make up the 122,582 local Scout units that in 2005 logged more than 34 million hours of community service.  That year a new website was set up to track these hours and it's estimated that about 40% went unreported.  Each year since then the annual participation has grown dramatically.  This country needs a revival and we, in Scouting, are poised for it!

Scouting gives youth the opportunity to try new things, be of service to others, build self-confidence and reinforce ethical standards. These opportunities not only help them when they are young, but carry forward into their adult lives, as well. What children learn in their formative years is instrumental in shaping their character.

Scouting builds character by teaching confidence and self-reliance, and promoting positive role models as your child grows and develops. Through planned advancement, Scouts are always in a learning environment, increasing their capacity for goal-setting, choice making and accomplishment.

Scouting Brings Families Together. It is unique in that it offers families a variety of experiences not found in other activities. In Cub Scouts, the parent is more involved in Den meetings, and most activities are designed for family involvement. Den meetings last only an hour to an hour and a half, or so, and activities for recognition can be completed at home.

Qualified family members can volunteer for leader positions in the Pack or can get involved in other ways, such as becoming a counselor to teach the requirements for a particular badge. The joy of volunteering is not only in helping others, but seeing your child learning, growing and Having Fun!

There’s a lot to celebrate in Scouting. Badges, rank advancement and other awards are presented throughout the year at Pack meetings and at special events like the annual Blue and Gold Banquet. These make for memorable family events and great photo opportunities.

When a rank advancement is presented to a Scout, his parents are also recognized, since the success is so often the result of a family effort.

Please contact the Cubmaster today to find out how you can help!