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Welcome to Pack 122 - New Monmouth, NJ

Why Join Cub Scouts...

The purpose of the Boy Scouts of America is to provide for youth effective programs designed to build desirable qualities of character, to train them in responsibilities of participating citizenship, and to develop in them personal fitness, thus to help in the development of American citizens who:

1 . Are physically, mentally, and emotionally fit.
2 . Have a high degree of self-reliance as evidenced in such qualities as initiative, courage, and resourcefulness.
3. Have personal and stable values firmly based on religious concepts.
4. Have the desire and skills to help others.
5. Understand the principles of our American democratic society and apply them.
6. Are knowledgeable about and take pride in their American heritage and understand America's role in the world.
7. Have a keen respect for the basic rights of all people.
8. Are prepared to fulfill the varied responsibilities of participating in and giving leadership to American society and in the forums of the world.

These purposes are accomplished by using the defined methods of Scouting:
* Scouting ideals * Outdoor program* Patrols * Leadership* Advancement * Development * Adult association * Personal growth*

To learn more about the scouting program sponsored by New Monmouth School, please email
Children in kindergarten through grade 5 are eligible to join.