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Welcome... and a bit of background


Welcome to Cub Scouting, the Erie Shores Council, the Swan Creek District, and Pack 167 of Perrysburg, Ohio!  You and your son are in for an exciting adventure.  This brief guide to Cub Scouting, perhaps your first introduction to the Scouting experience,  is intended to provide you with basic information you need to give you and your son a great start in Scouting.

We sincerely hope you and your son will enjoy a long relationship in the Scouting family.  Our best advice to you is to get involved with your son in as many aspects of Scouting as you can.  He needs you very much at this point in his life and you will enjoy the experience of Cub Scouting along with him.  Whether you volunteer to be a leader, or help in another fashion, and while working directly with your son, YOU ARE a principle key to his Scouting experience.

A question we hear quite often is whether there is any restriction as to who may join any given Cub Scout Pack.  The clear answer is that there are no restrictions whatsoever.  There are two other packs in Perrysburg and anyone is welcome to join any one of the three.  There are no organizational, school, political, religious, or denominational boundaries or restrictions of any kind.  Any boy eligible to join Cub Scouts is completely welcome at any of the three packs in Perrysburg.







SOME BASIC TERMS...   to help you along the way
  • Pack – The whole group of boys, oftentimes all Cub Scouts in a community. This could be sponsored by a school, church, or other group and usually involves all boys in grades 1-5. The Pack meets once per month as a group with their families. This is where awards earned by the boys are presented, so the entire family is invited.


  • Den – A group of 6-10 boys of the same grade. Dens usually meet weekly or bi-weekly, except for the week of the pack meeting, and work on badges, crafts, etc.


  • Den Leader – The primary leader of your son’s den. Program ideas are easily available from other Pack Leaders, District Roundtables, or the Boy Scouts of America to make this the best “job” in Scouting.  Den meetings are usually set for the convenience of the den leader and the boys/parents.  Other parent participation is necessary for Den meetings to occur.  Please, be sure to enjoy your turn!


  • Cubmaster – The Cubmaster leads the pack and the pack meetings. He or she is a primary source of information for the group and will be able to answer most of your questions... and will do their best to find answers to the ones they can't.  A principle portion of their role is to serve as a resource to the Den Leaders who work directly with the boys all of the time.


  • Committee Chair – The Pack Committe Chair coordinates program, schedule, administration, budget, logistics, and such...  and can also be directly involved in Pack meetings.  He or she is a primary source of information for the group and will be able to answer most of your questions... and will do their best to find answers to the ones they can't. 


  • Council – You and your son are joining a specific Council of the Boy Scouts of America, Erie Shores. A council is a geographic area, divided into districts that provide services to local packs.


  • District – Our district, Swan Creek, is a sub-division of the Erie Shores Council and helps deliver service to packs. You will find several district volunteers working with your pack’s leadership as well as a full-time District Executive, who is a full-time professional Scouter.

The Pack is run by the Pack Committee.

The Pack Committee is made up of volunteer parents who perform the duties listed below:

  1. Meets once a month or when needed.
  2. Is led by the Pack Committee Chairperson.
  3. The Committee selects Pack leadership, secures meeting places, performs record keeping, manages Pack finances, keeps advancement records and shops for badges, maintains Pack equipment, helps train all leaders and supports the Pack, Den, and Webelos leaders.

The pack is owned by the Chartered Organization.

  1. Chartered organizations include schools, parent/school organizations, religious organizations, service clubs and other organizations interested in youth.  Our chartered organization is St. Rose Parish, in Perrysburg, Ohio.
  2. Chartered organizations approve the leaders in the unit, provide a "safe haven" for meeting places, and assure that the Pack operates within their own and the Boy Scouts of America's policies.